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A. Yakim Ltd. specializes in solving high-value, complex business issues, across a wide range of sectors and in many different jurisdictions. Established in 1991, A. Yakim Ltd. has been recognized for excellent performance in creating pragmatic, tangible solutions and then bringing the solutions to life.

Unlike the “consultation-only” approach we do not just present a strategic plan but support you in its implementation.

We specialize in designing and implementing creative aggressive strategies, which respond to complex, multi-jurisdictional business issues that involve:

  • Commercial disputes.
  • Unfair competition.
  • Fraud.
  • Corruption and bribery (FCPA and UK Bribery Act).

Our services are provided by highly experienced multi-disciplinary business and consulting experts, including:

Senior business advisors, forensic accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, business intelligence analysts and risk management experts.

We deliver actionable and measurable solutions by:

  • Using innovative result-driven methodologies including advance data collection and analysis tools.
  • Hands-on approach and extensive field-work.
  • In-house knowledge across a wide range of sectors.
  • Global experience and a wide network of contacts, especially in unstable and volatile jurisdictions.

Troubleshooting requires precise advice and all around workable solutions that work in the field not just in the consultant’s office. Accordingly, we provide our clients with tailor made solutions designed to meet their targets.

We guarantee that we are always fully committed to our client’s best interests and will remain transparent, discrete and cost effective when providing our services.

Cases in which our support is commonly sought include:

  • Shareholder and investor disputes.
  • Joint venture disputes.
  • Post-acquisition disputes.
  • Contractual disputes.
  • Distribution and agency rights disputes.
  • Disputes related to unfair competition.
  • Disputes related to fraud.
  • Disputes over intellectual property rights.
  • Disputes related to international trade and shipping.
  • Director’s breach of duty and professional negligence.

A. Yakim range of professional services is influenced at all levels from our core expertise in business troubleshooting. We act on behalf of clients faced with high-value complex commercial disputes and lead the process from A to Z until successful resolution through the implementation of an agreed strategy.

Our strategies place an emphasis on being timely and cost-effective. We serve best interests of our clients to provide them with solutions being designed specifically to meet their special needs. We use proprietary methodology that includes advance analytical tools and pragmatic result driven approach.

We work closely with our clients and use a dynamic and active approach avoiding from general and vague advises that cannot benefit our clients or bring positive results. We stand shoulder to shoulder with clients in the implementation of agreed upon strategy. This includes litigation support, expert testimonies in which findings are clearly and effectively presented to court, steps to minimize exposures and development of an effective strategy going forward.

We also act on behalf of client in different stages of negotiations for resolution. We are highly-rated for our professional approach that puts client in advantageous position to recover lost funds or minimize damages. Our experts use discovery methodologies including advance data search-locate-analysis of available information sourced internally and externally. Our goal is to reveal the facts and hidden evidence and then provide an independent and objective assessment of the case.

Findings are based on data that has been independently validated by intensive field-work, interviews, business intelligence information gathering and cross- matching methodologies. Results are focused on broad business-minded evaluation, including, potential exposures to hidden liabilities, environmental issues, indications of fraud, corruption, or, unique market/territory factors that may expose the client to future risks. We identify strengths, weaknesses and exposures that the client may face and consequently we create a strategy that can be implemented. The strategy will generally include both reactive and dynamic tactics that also take into consideration changing scenarios and anticipated case development.

Generally the results of our analytical work will reveal “

  • Overall facts and evidence that can be used and presented in legal procedures.
  • Information and evidence on assets and financial resources aimed to enable recovery.
  • Recommendations and implementation plan as to how best to move forward.
Usually our pro-active approach will include “

  • A to Z case management.
  • Using leverage, including legal actions, against parties that injured the company by their illegal acts or breach of contractual liabilities.
  • Taking actions to mitigate exposures arising from the dispute.
  • Providing interim management assistance and needed close oversight over operations during crisis period.
  • Leading settlement negotiations.
  • Enhancing company  functions and compliance.

Our activities usually enable corporate executives to save significant management time, minimize exposures and costs.